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Flotation Therapy – All You Need to Know

Flotation therapy might be a relatively new concept for some people, but those who are currently using it have already reported fantastic benefits. Basically, flotation therapy is a type of therapy where you are placed within a float tank, also commonly known as a sensory deprivation tank. The density of the water is higher, so you won’t sink if you don’t make any effort either. Many people work hard all week, and end up burning themselves out by the time the weekend arrives. If you go for flotation therapy, you could easily recover and rejuvenate your body, thus getting you ready for another week of hard work.

Your senses serve as the primary source of input for information that goes to the brain. The eyes perceive, sending information through neural transmitters all the way to the brain. The nose smells, while the ears hear. However, your senses are not processing this information; they are simply relaying it to the brain. Because most people are constantly busy during the week, they don’t get any time to just relax and give their senses a break. Flotation therapy helps change that. The float tanks are completely silent and dark, so you won’t be able to see, smell, or hear. You will be simply placed within a closed tank for a certain period of time, and can completely relax.

Where Can You Get Flotation Therapy?

There are many private companies that now offer float tanks in Wembley. If you are interested in booking a session for flotation therapy, you can visit their website in order to find out more about their centres. You can book a session at a centre close to your place. There’s not a lot of specific instructions; just make sure you take a bath before you enter the flotation tank, and an attendant will guide you through the process. All of your possessions, like your mobile phone, wallet, and other items will be stored in a locker while you float.

How to Relax

When you enter the flotation tank, the best thing to do is to just let go of all your worries. The ideal flotation session is around one hour, so if you keep worrying about petty issues, you might feel inclined to quickly get out of the tank. In certain flotation tanks, the lid might be closed as well, but you will have access to a button you can press if you want to get out quickly. However, to really make flotation therapy an effective relaxation tool, you will need to play your role as well. Avoid worrying about your contacts and people around you, and just relax. Close your eyes and relax completely for an hour at least!

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