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Here are 6 Facts about DNA You Never Knew

With the rise and popularity of DNA testing, it has now become an upcoming lifestyle test for nutrition, fitness, skincare and much more. Home paternity tests have also been on the rise and are easily available at a local drugstore or online. DNA testing can also help in determining your mixed dog parentage or helps in screening your cat’s genetic health as well. There are many more interesting facts about DNA, you might have never heard off. Read a list of DNA facts listed by i-DNA below.

  1. The full form of DNA is deoxyribonucleic acid. And it is the basic messenger of all creation

In simpleton terms, certain DNA sequences send messages to the proteins with specific instructions on a task to implement. Instructions such as, “make a human finger” etc. DNA for each and every individual species is deemed unique, hence why humans can only create other humans, cats can only create cats etc.

  1. DNA is prevalent in every living being

All plants and animals have DNA. It is primarily found in the central area of a cell known as the nucleus which is also in the component of the cell known as mitochondria. Each and every human cell consists of 10,000 genes composed of DNA and if you unwound and tied all the DNA together in a single cell, it would span and stretch up to 6 feet. This offers an idea of how much DNA is in each cell as well as how minute these building blocks of life are.

  1. DNA entails bases, sugars, and phosphates.

The bases consisting in the DNA are adenine or A, guanine or G, thymine or T, and cytosine or C. These are chemical bases and pair A to T and C to G, and are also called base pairs. Every base is attached to a single sugar molecule and a phosphate molecule which forms a nucleotide. These are the very basic parts of DNA.

  1. The DNA structure is a double helix so it seems like a spiral ladder or a staircase.

A DNA strand actually looks like a twisting ladder that forms rungs or steps with the basic pairs, and the sugar and phosphates molecules form the sidepieces of the railings of ladders of the staircase. Always remember that the order of the rungs help in determining the DNA codes, no matter if it is a human hair or a leaf of a tree.

  1. DNA is found in genes which are on the chromosomes

Many people tend to confuse genes and chromosomes. Genes are composed of DNA. As each cell has a lot of DNA, the strands tend to wrap themselves around into tight little packages or bundles. The packaged form of DNA is referred to as a chromosome. So, the DNA are in the genes and the genes are on the chromosomes.

  1. A total of 46 chromosomes are found in humans

Usually, humans bear 23 pairs of chromosomes in each and every cell. Of those pairs, 22 look identical for both males as well as females. The last chromosome tends to differentiate between the sexes. Women have two chromosomes XX and men have one X and one Y. When it comes to determining a family relationship DNA test report, it is referred to as the amelogenin gene.

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