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Why you shouldn’t Wash your Lenses with Water

Well, the time has come for you to clean your Bausch and Lomb Contact lenses, but your solution is empty. You are busy at work, and so you cannot run out and get a new bottle. The available option would be to use water. But wait, is plain water good for your lenses?

Well, according to Lens.com, here is why you shouldn’t use plain water to clean and store your contact lenses.

  • Don’t use tap water to clean your lenses

Using water to clean your contact lenses is a bad idea, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC] warns against it. Tap water has microbe known as Acanthamoeba that is very dangerous. They can cause serious eye problems like eye redness, eye pain, blurred vision, sensitivity to light, feeling like you have something in your eyes, etc.The microbes are present in all water sources like lakes, rivers, pools, etc.

  • Is filtered water safe?

You may think that just because the filtered water is treated and fit for drinkingthat it now safe to clean your lenses.  But the truth is that there are still microorganism present in the filtered or bottled water. Filtered water may not cause any harm to your body but they are not suitable for your lenses.

When you use plain water, some dangerous parasites may get stuck beneath your lenses. And this may lead to severe eye infections. Even though these infections are treatable, you could have avoided them in the first place, and you could have saved that money.

  • Contact lens solutions is the most ideal for cleaning your lenses

The contact lens solution is ideal for cleaning and sanitizing your eyes. They also help in keeping your eyes in shape. The contact lenses that have been submerged in water might feel sticky to the eyes when applied. So they feel uncomfortable and may cause your vision to be blurry.

The soft lenses are made using water and other materials. When you use plain water to clean your lenses, it can dry your lenses out or change their shape. These mild changes can irritate your eyes or even may cause a significant impact on your vision.

  • Multipurpose vs. Hydrogen Peroxide Lens solutions

When it comes to multipurpose and hydrogen peroxide-based solutions, there’s not much difference. Multipurpose lens solutions are the most used; this is because they are good at cleaning and keeping your lenses in good shape.

The hydrogen peroxide is suitable for people with allergies.  Another reason why the multipurpose lens solution is popular is because it offers a strong disinfectant power than the hydrogen peroxide lens solutions.

  • Procedure for cleaning your lens using Multipurpose or hydrogen peroxide solutions
  1. Squeeze some solution [multipurpose or hydrogen peroxide] intothe palm of your hand
  2. Dip your lenses into the solution
  3. Rub the lens with the pad of your hand thoroughly
  4. Insert back the lenses into their case and soak.

Use the above simple procedure to clean your lenses at least every day and remember not to use plain water.

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