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8 Reasons to Quit Drinking Alcohol

You may have heard that small amounts of alcohol can be good for your health. What you need to know is that none of these health claims have been proven. What has been proven is that the ingestion of any amount of alcohol carries the risk of addiction. Generally, it’s probably very safe to say that any possible benefits of alcohol are far outweighed by the proven risks. Here are eight important reasons to quit drinking alcohol:

Reason #1

Protect your health. Alcohol directly damages many of the body’s organs. Here is a partial list of the more serious health risks related to alcohol:

·         Increased risk of certain cancers

·         Inflammation of the pancreas

·         Elevated risk of liver disease

·         Damage to the heart muscle

·         Brain damage

·         Fetal alcohol syndrome

·         Higher risk of death or injury due to driving while drunk

·         High blood pressure

Reason #2

You will never again deal with the misery of a hangover. A hangover is due to the toxic effects of alcohol on the body. It’s a sure sign that you drank too much. Symptoms can include nausea, sensitivity to light and sound, dry mouth, headache and muscle pain.

Reason #3 

You won’t have to hide your drinking from others. You’re probably not fooling anyone close to you anyway, but drinking in secret is a strong indicator of an addiction problem.

Reason #4 

You will have more money. Think about all the cold cash you spend on booze. Alcohol is heavily taxed and can be quite expensive. It’s even more expensive when purchased at a bar or restaurant. Even cheaper forms of the substance can add up to huge sums when purchased and consumed in large amounts over time.

Reason #5 

Your overall health will improve. Especially if you’re a heavy drinker, you may be deficient in certain vitamins, which are normally easily obtained from a healthy diet. Alcoholics’ vitamin deficiencies can occur because the body requires nutrients, particularly B-complex vitamins, to metabolize alcohol. Moderate to heavy drinkers often don’t consume a healthy diet, so the body can’t replace the vital nutrients it used to break down the alcohol. These nutrients were not intended to metabolize alcohol to begin with, so there may not be enough left for important body functions. Once you stop drinking and begin to eat the healthy foods your body needs, you will soon start to feel and look better overall. You can also expect to lose some excess weight. This is because alcohol is high in empty calories.

Reason #6

You’re no longer a danger to yourself and others when you drive a car or operate machinery. Almost invariably, a drinker will operate a motor vehicle while intoxicated. Even a small amount of alcohol is enough to impair judgement, alter depth perception and reduce muscle control.

Reason #7

You won’t be risking arrest on a daily basis. When you drink and drive, you may be caught at any time. It’s nearly impossible to defeat alcohol breath test evidence in court. The same is true of the arresting officer’s report against you. You are sure to be convicted. Fines are often astronomically high, and jail time may also be involved.

Reason #8 

You will begin to regain the trust of family and friends. You will never have to wonder what kind of bizarre behavior you may have displayed while drunk, which you can’t remember afterwards. When people around you begin to see that you no longer drink, they will offer boundless support. Instead of disgust and fear, you will see that you have the admiration and respect of others.

Final Words

If you’re addicted to alcohol, never attempt to withdraw from it by yourself. It’s not safe. Withdrawal from alcohol (https://www.therecoveryvillage.com/alcohol-abuse/withdrawal-detox/) can cause seizures and a serious condition known as delirium tremens. Lung aspiration of stomach contents is another possible complication that can have fatal consequences. Always seek professional treatment services. A medically supervised withdrawal process will allow you to safely and comfortably rid your body of alcohol. For the best chance of long-term sobriety, detox should be followed by alcohol rehab treatment.

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