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A Guide to Phosphatidylserine Supplement

Phosphatidylserine is nothing but a phospholipid that contains fatty acids along with amino acids. Here, the omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA work together with Phosphatidylserine in providing you the building blocks of healthy cell membranes. Though our body can prepare it internally, most of it is obtained from various food sources like soya-beans, cabbage, rice, carrots, whole grains, etc. It is an essential element of all the neuronal membranes. The studies say the component can prove to be helpful for the overall wellness of the brain. It also maintains healthy levels of cortisol that aids in boosting the memory and concentration. It is available both in powder and capsule form. The powder form proves to be helpful for older adults and children who find it difficult to swallow the capsules. The powder is tasteless, and you can conveniently mix it with any food you want.

The health benefits

Like most other supplements, even Phosphatidylserine supplement has a range of benefits that make it a must-have. The benefits are as follows:

  • Improves Alzheimer’s disease symptoms – Alzheimer’s disease reduces people’s ability to perform the day-to-day tasks, think clearly and remember their own identity. This supplement is known to increase the level of chemicals in the brain that aids in brain cell communication. It will not cure the disease, but it can help to improve the symptoms.
  • Helps in improving the age-related cognitive disorder – Phosphatidylserine is known to enhance the memory, mood, and cognitive ability in seniors.
  • Helps to fight depression – If you are suffering from depression, the blood flow to various parts of the brain reduces. This supplement containing omega-3, can help regain the normal blood flow.
  • It improves the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease – Parkinson’s disease leads to loss of intentional movement. People suffering from this disease often have low levels of Phosphatidylserine. Thus an external supplement helps in elevating its level.
  • Treats the symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) – ADHD is a neurodevelopmental disorder that takes place in the childhood days and sometimes may also attack adults. The Phosphatidylserine supplement helps you treat this disease.
  • Enhances athletic performance –Phosphatidylserine is known to improve the athletic performance and reduce the degree of damaged muscles.

How it works

Studies say Phosphatidylserine increases the level of dopamine and acetylcholine in our brain. On one hand, acetylcholine assists in the communication of the cells, and thus it can improve the ability to focus, memory and the cognitive skills. The neurons that become weak with age are regenerated with the help of acetylcholine present in the supplement. When repaired, these neurons can communicate faster and thus boost the overall function of the brain. While on the other hand, dopamine is believed to acts as an antidepressant and enlightens the mood. Apart from these, it is also known to help in coagulation of blood and signaling of the cells. You can expect the short-term results within an hour, or so that would last for several hours while the long-term effects can be seen with at least ten days of continuous usage.

Recommended dosage

While having the Phosphatidylserine supplement, you should always follow the dosage recommended by the manufacturer on the label of the product or as per your doctor’s advice. The standard dose of Phosphatidylserine is about 100mg three times a day, i.e., a total of 300mg in a day. This dose is said to be useful as a preventive against any cognitive decline. As per studies, adolescents and children should take around 200mg to improve their attention span while adults should take a dose between 200 to 400mg for the same purpose.

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