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Is it easy to transfer an o1 visa to a green card?

O1 visa (also known as o1签证) is a visa issued by the United States for those with outstanding talents in the fields of science, art, education, business or sports to work in the United States. Compared with h1b visa (also known as h1b签证), o1 visa requires more stringent requirements, but h1b lottery (also known as h1b抽签) is random, so it is safer to apply for o1 visa. O-1 visa applicants must prove that they have achieved excellence in their field of expertise and that they have met three criteria set out in the United States immigration code. The three criteria include articles in the press about the applicant, the applicant’s income in his or her professional field is significantly higher than that of his or her peers, and the applicant has played a key or leading role in different organizations or events.

Is it easy to transfer an o1 visa to a green card?

O-1 visa holders and their families holding o-3 visas can apply for a change of status if they meet the requirements. In general, o-1 visa holders can apply for a green card through eb-1. There are generally two ways: obtaining an immigrant visa through a U.S. consulate abroad for consular immigration processing; Or apply for status adjustment directly in the United States.

O1 visa opening green card needs to provide i-140 for professional immigration application. Applicants who have passed the o-1 visa generally meet the eb-1a immigration requirements for outstanding talents. Applicants who have obtained an o-1 visa will usually apply through the eb-1a distinguished immigration program, but not 100% will be approved, and there will be a lot of visa rejections.

The green card schedule (also known as绿卡排期) will be very long, immigration lawyers (also known as移民律师) and study agents (also known as留学中介) will remind you that you need to pay attention to your legal status before getting a green card. Don’t let your status expire, otherwise you will not be able to stay in the US.

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